ACLI & Collaboraboration plugin - refresh, save, commit & push commands

Started by cs2ea, September 10, 2019, 11:15:01 AM

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Dear All

I am experimenting with the Azure CLI functionality together with the collaboration plugin.

Idea is to automate the generation of html export as well as regular imports on a model shared via a collaboration plugin git repository.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble with automating the full refresh -> extract/import -> publish flow:

  • How can you trigger a refresh of the model via ACLI? Should we use git directly?
  • What is the correct way to save a collaboration model using ACLI?
  • Is there a way to commit & push  changes via ACLI or should this be done directly using git?



Phil Beauvoir

The only ACLI commands specific to coArchi (collaboration plugin) are the ones found here:

i.e clone and load.

> Idea is to automate the generation of html export

You can do that server side in response to a commit. Have a search here on the forum.
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Thanks for the workaround suggestion for automating the html export - effectively using clone instead of a git refresh to keep the reporting repository up to date.

I will have a look at the plugin code to see if I manage to add the refresh, save, commit and push commands to ACLI.  This would then enable the import automation case as well and allow to fully "close the loop" with ACLI

My java knowledge is currently zero but I should be able to figure out/cut & paste relevant elements to add these commands. At first sight, the main challenge will be to bypass the interactive popups of the different actions

Best Regards