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Started by erlenmeyer, May 01, 2020, 18:53:42 PM

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Not long ago, my "Navigator Window" stopped showing the model hierarchy.  Yes, there is a model opened  :-)
I can see everything in the "Model Window" (which doesn't anchor with the Preview and Navigator windows btw)

Can anyone explain why this happened?  I would prefer to see the model hierarchy in the Navigator Window.

Thank you!

Phil Beauvoir

Make sure the Navigator is unpinned and then select an element or relationship in a View or the Models Tree.
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Thank you for the speedy response.
I just booted up my other computer to compare and noticed that I seem to have been using the "Model Window" all along.  Not sure why I got confused ... I haven't used Archi in a while but need to leverage a feature that isn't in my main modeling tool.

Thank you.