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Started by realbazso, March 03, 2015, 22:22:27 PM

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Hi All,

I'm in creation of a bigger model. As it was stated Archi is not for that, so I'm trying to find out how can I keep the sub-models consistent and/or build bigger, more detailed model later by merging different models somehow. E.g. from different colleagues, or from different templates. The question is the same for templates. I have many templates for many different system types. I can use only one as a base of a new model, but I would like to present transformation of a bigger part of the landscape. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with the "monolithic or not" dilemma. What is your best practice for this?
Thank you.


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This has been an issue for a while and that's why at the end we created the GRAFICO plugin. This plugin allows you to export a model in a source control (e.g. Git) friendly way. This is the basis for several workflows, like for example merging models.

More details on this thread.


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Thank you, I've been keeping an eye on that from the very first moment :)

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