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Started by CD, January 16, 2023, 10:40:28 AM

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Hello everyone,

I am currently on version 4.9.3 and I am facing an issue :

I used to use version 4.5.1, in which I had installed the "specialization" plugin to create certain views with specific custom elements with icons based on their roles. These elements were reused in several views.

On the version 4.9.3 I saw that specialization is now native to Archi but with a major difference from the specialization plugin developed by Hervé. Indeed, through the plugin it was possible to put an icon on an element on its concept. We could then use it on several views without having to add the icon when creating a new view. Now on 4.9.3, this is no longer possible, the icon is linked to the visual element.

My question is :
Did I have missed the way to link the icon to a concept? If so, how can I do it? If not, is the specialization plugin compatible with this version 4.9.3 (it seems not to me)?

Thanks for your help.

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, you associate an icon to a Specialization via the Specializations Manager (there's a whole section on that in the User Guide).

Also recommend to use Archi 4.10 as it contains more features related to Specializations.

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Hello Phil,

Thank you for your answer !