Calculations derived from Element Properties

Started by almathomas, June 07, 2023, 21:28:21 PM

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Good afternoon,

I'm going to apologize for my ignorance. I have just started looking into this tool. I love the ability to add properties to the elements in the model.

With the label expressions or the JArchi plug-in would it be possible to create calculations?

1. First on an element level. If I have multiple properties like Maintenance Cost, Renewal Cost, etc, could I create a label expression to show on the element total cost.

2. If I were to populate cost property for all the elements in a diagram for example. Show that diagram in a Framework View, could I use a label expression to calculate cost of all the elements associated with that diagram in the Framework View.

This would provide a holistic view of the Enterprise Architecture and associated spend in the targeted view.

Thank you,
I do appreciate your work. I'm just learning what this can do.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


You can't do this with label expressions (expressions are only meant to show existing information, they can't do math operations).

But that's possible with jArchi. This requires a script that would compute such sums and then store them into properties or visual notes. Of course this won't be dynamic, so you would have to run the same script each time the model is updated.


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