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Started by David Skarka, April 02, 2020, 12:19:42 PM

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David Skarka

Hi. Is there on the Windows 10 platform a way how to override the default location where Archi with collaboration plugin is locating .gitconfig file?
It looks like it uses  %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% system variables. I've successfully tested it by wrapping in CMD file by overriding these variables.

Is there any archi.ini parameter to override the path? Or another way than wrapping CMD file?

Many thanks for the help.

Phil Beauvoir

The user's .gitconfig file is used by the JGit library, so changing its location would affect how JGit works. So this is not something that can be changed by Archi. I guess you can change it by setting Environment variable as you have done so JGit will use that.
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Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


In addition to Phil's remark: in the context of Archi, Git should really be seen as a black box or a proprietary thing. It's not because git itself is common that you should try to use other tools to connect to repositories containing models.

That's usually the best way to corrupt your models (I've seen lots of cases with people wanted to merge outside of Archi or using pull request). Once more: having a successful merge doesn't mean your model is OK (the same way it doesn't guarantee that your code will pass automatic tests), and coArchi add lots of anti corruption layers on top of git (just fixed another major bug earlier this week).


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David Skarka

So I will maintain the CMD file for starting Archi.

Thank you for swift answers; as usually  :)
You are doing excellent work with Archi. Thank you very much!