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Phil, thank you -)

Regarding the database plugin, the wiki describes all you're requesting:

What kind of information do you miss ?

Best regards
I want to know where is step by step guide line for installing and configuring Database Plugin or Model repository plug in that all the business unit SME can work on the Models and we can do the Collaboration version control.
Is there any Installation and configuration and implementation Guideline.

I have gone through forum and wiki but could not find complete step by step guide for installing configuring Model respository or database plug in that multiple employees can collaborate and work together on Modelling.

I am beginner on Archi, I have installed Archi on two laptops  and downloaded the Model repository and Database plugin files, Now I want to know how to install and configure that my  two employees can work together from their laptop A and B to Model the EA for their individual business units. for example one user is from Marketing team and other is from production team etc.

Your help on deployment scenarios and step by step installation and configuration guideline  will be highly appreciated.
You can't change the display of the underlying core type of an element, for example a "Server" is always a "Node", or put another way a Node named "Server". It sounds like you want it to be like a Stereotype, which isn't really implemented.

For importing DB that would require an importer plugin that could parse the DB structure. Otherwise you can import from CSV files, or perhaps write an import script in jArchi.
Phil thank you but I did it every time and you can see the result in file.

additional question - is it possible to import database structure from RDBMS into Archimate ? if yes how to do it ?

Thank you, Alex.
Set the name of each element to "Server", "Path",  etc.

Hi Phil.

Another one question - I would like to change Type property for Archi element on my own like "Server", "ETL job" etc... Is it possible ?

For example, Node element with Type = "Node" I would like to change to Type = "Server", element Type="Path" I would like to change to Type="ETL job".

Also in all kind of reports (i.e., Jasper-Word) there should be new Types appeared: "Server", "ETL job" instead of "Node" and "Path". Is it possible ?

Thank you in advance, Alex.
General Archi Discussion / Re: New specialization plugin
« Last post by Jose-Carlos on November 13, 2018, 21:52:48 PM »
Hi Hervé,
the case is open on github.
General Archi Discussion / Re: New specialization plugin
« Last post by Hervé on November 13, 2018, 08:35:07 AM »
Hi Jose-Carlos,

I tried once but messed up with the regexp ... I'll work again on this case ...

Do you mind open a case on the GitHup site ?

Thanks and regards
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